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Feb 2, 2017 — Teton Gravity Research

"I met Thomas Woodson in a parking lot after he invited me into his big white van. Ok, not THAT type of van. And, for Thomas, business meetings in parking lots are the norm, and it's not because he’s a drug dealer. He just lives and works out if his van. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it? It’s called vanlife and Woodson is doing it right."

Freehub Magazine Winter 2016 Issue — HUNGER PAINS, Suffering and Survival in Bolivia's Cordillera Real. Photo story with Joey Schsuler on our June 2016 bikepacking trip to Bolivia.

Feb 11, 2016 — Adventure Journal
Thomas Woodson and His 2015 Ram ProMaster Van

From ‘accidentally bought’ to fully tricked out, photographer Thomas Woodson’s rig is a dream ride. (by
Brendan Leonard)

"Thomas Woodson got around even before he packed it all into his van: You may have seen him and/or his work in the mountain bike adventure short Huayhuash, or the sub-three-day fly-to-then-climb-and-ski of Pico de Orizaba in 55 Hours in Mexico: A Tribute to the Weekend Warrior. He makes his living shooting photos and making films, with a little design work on the side, and last year, he figured he could save a little on paying rent in Boulder, Colorado, if he just bought and moved into a van with his girlfriend Britt instead." [continue reading]

Feb 1, 2016 — Field Mag
How the young designer quit his desk job, sold it all and hit the road.

"Late last spring, while attending Boulder, Colorado’s monthly design presentation series Caffeinated Mornings, we were introduced to Thomas Woodson, a budding designer, photographer, and filmmaker. By the end of his talk, we felt we’d met a new hero. No joke.
Thomas had moved to Boulder post college to pursue and further a career in design, learn to ski (with the big boys), and bike a bunch. In no time he’d managed all that, quickly earning a reputation among the tech and design community for his tenacity and vision. He even co-founded his own agency,Human Design. But his camera and a yearning for adventure were pulling him to new places. So he sold it all, and leaned into his passion to become a full-time adventure photographer and filmmaker." [continue reading]

Oct 28, 2015 — Mountain Standard, RIMBY Tales

Sept 8, 2015 — National Geographic Adventure

"Looking back on our expedition to climb and ski Pico de Orizaba, the third highest peak in North America, in a weekend, and comparing it to every other weekend I have had since, I can’t really even draw a line. We set out to push our limits and go big. What we found both surprised us and gave us a new perspective on what is actually possible within the confines of a traditional Saturday/Sunday weekend. In so many ways our shotgun journey south of the border into Mexico alongside friends and fellow adventure athletes Joey Schusler and Thomas Woodson, and our enthusiastic but 9-to-5 job-laden friend Karl, was doomed from the start."

Sept 7, 2015 — Outdoor Research Verticulture

"You’ve probably felt it before: That whispering longing in the back of your mind. It usually starts piping up around 8 a.m. on Monday mornings, murmuring things like, Where did the weekend go? I’m back here at my desk already? Did I really make the most of my time since the moment I powered down my computer and pushed in my chair on Friday?

For those of us nine-to-fivers who live for the outdoors, the most satisfying feeling—next to clocking out on Friday—might be the sensation of sliding back into work just in the nick of time, muscles worn from exertion, face still bright with windburn and goggle tan, jacket still faintly scented of campfire—the feeling that we drank the weekend to the absolute dregs.

“I think being a weekend warrior means you don’t accept the constraints and expectations society tries to place on you,” says filmmaker Thomas Woodson. “Work your 40 hours. Go home and work in your yard, or watch TV all day. Or bust your ass in the mountains and stay young forever? I don’t know, which sounds better to you?” [continue reading]

Jun 30, 2016 — Caffeinated Mornings
Learn what it takes to be an adventure filmmaker as well as what life is like as a filmmaker on the go. Look at how one adventure can change your career. [watch here]

May 19, 2015 — 5280 Magazine
Catch these groundbreaking documentaries and get inspired this Memorial Day weekend.
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