Live for a living. A reel of realization.
My work is based off of something I realized in my teens,
A realization that if there’s somewhere you want to go, there’s nothing in your way.
A realization that if there’s a skill you want, your halfway to having it.
A realization that if you want to climb a mountain, all it takes is a little bit of pain, one step at a time.
A realization that if there’s something you want to learn, there are people to teach you.
And if you fall down, your friends will pick you right back up.
So chase, fight, sweat, support those around you.
And if you dream hard enough, reality might scare you when everything comes true.
Here’s to realizing the potential of 2016. See you on the road.

Special thanks to
Joey Schusler
Jamie Starr
Joe Erfle
Christian Folk
Mal Burda
Yeti Cycles
Outdoor Research
Pretty Lights – Lost and Found (ODESZA Remix)
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