At Human Design Studio, I created the Eco Clout app for the Billion People Project. This gamified app is used to encourage habit change around environmental actions. Users can see the impact of their actions, multiplied throughout their community. Their resource savings are aggregated and visualized to create an engaging feedback loop.
About BPP
Billion People Project (BPP) is a Boulder, CO based non-profit environmental movement. It’s a group of 
passionate people who want to take matters into their own hands (and show you how to take matters into 
your hands) when it comes to helping solve the planet’s ills. 
About the app
With the iOS app and on, users can log their eco actions to compete within the 
community. Eco Clout is a point system for tracking and scoring your environmentally positive activities 
within the app. 

The app has over 100 actions and counting, with short facts and calculations associated with them so you can 
learn more while tracking the impact of your community. Users can submit photos of the actions that they 
take in order to influence and inform others in the many ways these eco challenges can be taken.

You can earn eco clout points by taking daily actions. Point multipliers are given for multi action or multi 
day streaks and all of this is recorded on your timeline. See how you stand in your city, state, country and 
world under the leaderboards. You can also high five a friend to send some encouragement points!
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