I'm a Boulder, Colorado based commercial photographer and filmmaker passionate about human powered adventures. My work has overlapped with my love of the mountains and excitement for seeking out new experiences.
Through my background in co-founding a running a graphic design studio, I have a deep understanding of the strategy and objectives that frame commercial media production.
A RED owner/operator, I am available for hire for DP, AC and Direction. My skillsets lie equally between photography and cinematography, with most projects involving both disciplines.
I hold current Wilderness First Responder and Avalanche Professional 1 certifications and am capable of worldwide expedition based work. Proficiency in ski mountaineering, climbing and bikepacking enable self-sufficient backcountry production abilities.
I am available for hire for most photography and film projects, both commercial and adventure based. Questions? Contact me in the form below.

• Commercial Photography
• Cinematography
• Post Production, Edit/Color/Sound
• RED Cinema Camera Package Rental

Partnered Services
Working as a scalable team, I can bring on colleagues for cinematic dual operator camera techniques. 

• Cable Camera (Dactyl Cam, Ronin 2, RED)
• Aerial Cinematography (DJI Inspire 2, Zenmuse X7)
• Vehicle Based Filming (Black Arm Stabilizer, Ronin 2, RED)
• Sound Design & Mix
Client List
Through photography and film, I've been fortunate to partner with some of the industry's best on multimedia productions, taking me to New Zealand, Peru, Bolivia, Greenland, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, France and Switzerland.
Featured Media
His collaborative film, photo and adventure efforts have graced the pages and screens of some of the more notable publications in the outdoor industry.
Film Recognition
Thomas' work with friends like Joey Schusler, Max Lowe and Ben Page has traveled the world on adventure film tours and gained millions of views. Stay tuned for what's next.
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