"From dawn laps of your local hill to deep backcountry missions, ski touring means many things to many people.  In our latest 3-part video series, we meet five of our athletes, product managers and ambassadors to discover what ski touring means to them. 

The hypnotic power of the mountains shapes who we are as people. Their ethos of strength, serenity and independence awakens our senses to receive a special, natural balance in our lives. ​​​​​​​"

Meet the man behind Atomic skis and bindings, Herbi Buchsteiner, his dog Bruno and the Kern family as they explain what all-round ski touring in the Eastern Alps means to them.

For every time the mountains left you feeling stronger, there are the challenging moments that came before. This is how competition and achievement can define a life lived and won in the mountains. 

In the third and final part of our Backland mini-series, follow Amie Engerbretson as she earns turns in her favourite playground: the backcountry.

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