Inspired by a photograph handed to him by his father, Shawn Neer embarks on a trip across Italy
in search of the the country's best coffee...and best mountain bike trails.

Café Americano is a fictional tale following mountain biker Shawn Neer as he travels across Italy
in a 1980s sports car searching for the scene from a photograph that his father gave to him as a
young boy. Along the way he encounters broken down cars, coffee-infused hallucinations and the
best mountain biking that Italy has to offer. Café Americano is a fun, edge-of-your-saddle story
that's filled with charm, beauty and enough espressos to blow your doors off!

Presented By
Yeti Cycles

A Film By
Joey Schusler
Ben Page
Thomas Woodson

Shawn Neer as ‘Shawn Neer’
Diego Lecaros as ‘Young Shawn’
Kelly Veit as ‘Mom’
Baby Gus as ‘Baby’
John Franklin as ‘Dad’
George Schusler as ‘Barista’

Narrator: Cristina Soria
Editor: Tory Powers
Writing Support: Paddy O’Connell
Motion & Graphics: Walt Gerald
Colorist: Dylan Hageman
Sound Engineer: Keith White Audio

Special Thanks
Chris Conroy
Josh Conroy
Garrett Davis
John Imig
Peter Jones
Wiley Kaupas
Kayla Parker
Kristi Persinger
Trident Cafe, Boulder CO
January Coffee, Boulder CO

“Can I Change My Mind?” - Tyrone Davis
“Swing e Sesso” - Carlo Rustichelli
“Fischiando in Beat” - Piero Umiliani
“Mazurka Medley: Tra Veglia E Somio” - Ai Caiola
“The Chosen” - Notize
“Guardami Negli Occhi” - Ennio Morricone
“La Luna e la Fisarmonica” - Ziv Moran
“Kingfisher” - Wolf People
“Price of Love” - The Artistics
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