Gnarly Bay brought me on to shoot alongside Joey Schusler and Chris Naum for Cannondale's 2022 Topstone launch. They were after an exciting and energetic style, a bit of a nod to the mountain bike world at times. Joey and I focused on the smooth, stabilized and fast portion — shooting from vehicles, running down trails and dual-operating the Inspire 2. Chris kept things loose and handheld, finding the magic that he always does.

Executive Producer: Lindsey Hagen
EP/Creative Director: Dan Riordan
Head of Production: Aaron Schurman
Director: Lindsey Hagen 
Producer: Lauren Todd
Cinematographer: Chris Naum
DP: Thomas Woodson, Joey Schusler
Post Production Supervisor: CJ Taglione
Head of Post: Jordan Ingram
Edit + Color + Sound Design: Jared Blizzard

"Our goal was to create an anthemic short piece that captured a machine that was more than a machine. A video full of fast-paced and gritty visuals of the high desert that would encourage confidence and bravery for all the gravel grinders out there.

What we were left with was a short anthem; a dynamic, human, and colorful illustration that challenges us to consider what it means to be curious, to be captivated, and to explore the unknown. We chose to showcase the Topstone ripping through single track and exposed features to help reimagine what has previously been deemed off-limts and impassable by limitations both personal and mechanical. Whether we explore those limits by individual strength and determination or in a community, riding side-by-side with others, the Topstone is ready for whatever you throw at it."

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