"Over the course of 15 years, we’ve grown, yet remained unchanged in who we are. We are risk takers, engineers, and innovators, driven by our love of cycling. We are a dynamic collection of skilled individuals that create the world’s best carbon fiber products. Step behind the curtain and see what makes ENVE unique."

We proposed to craft ENVE’s brand film from three employee focused vignettes. These short pieces can stand alone to reinforce the passion and people behind the products — and when woven together they express the dynamic ENVE story.

Concepted, Directed & Shot By: Joey Schusler & Thomas Woodson
Edit & Color: Tory Powers

Thanks to Niel Shirley, Jonny Hintze, Ian Matteson & Mike Swim at ENVE

After nearly a decade in rim layup, Jason helped the Custom Road project come to life. Jason was one of the layup technicians pulled into the project early due to his attention to detail, which was key in helping refine the laminate and actual frame assembly. After the separate pieces of the frame are molded, Jason is responsible for cutting each frame piece to the exact measurements required to deliver custom fit geometry to each customer bike. Finally, Jason’s hands are the last ones that touch the construction process of frame assembly, overwrapping, and bonding, before being delivered to the paint shop. When not in the frame room, you can find him out on the trails around Ogden. Jason is one of the 220 people at ENVE that helps set us apart.

Having gone from production lay-up to now being an R&D technician working on the next generation of ENVE's composite products, Lili is integral to the development process that ultimately allows a new product to make it to production. In her seventh year with ENVE, Lili is at the core of what we do.

Matt is a cyclist, father, and our lead rim engineer. Responsible for the latest line of SES wheels, in addition to numerous other rim development projects, Matt's time in the office is spent between the prototype lab and test lab, always in search of improvement. After completing the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route last year, Matt showed he can do more than just engineer the best wheels on the market, and his own on-the-bike experiences influence how he looks at rim development. Matt is part of the core that makes ENVE, ENVE.

Strong. Light. Stiff. Aero. You want it all and so do we.

We are more than riders...
We are risk takers, engineers and innovators, driven by our love of cycling.

A dynamic collection of riders that create the world’s best carbon fiber products.
We love to get our hands dirty and our bikes dirtier.

Born from a desire for a better ride,
we strive to deliver products without compromise.

If it says ENVE, it’s because it’s the very best it can be. ENVE. Without Compromise.

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