Rapha Films Presents

"Our last film of the year follows three EF team riders on their progress at the first ever Life Time Grand Prix series. Consisting of six races spread out across the US, this was an altogether new kind of competition. 

As the opportunity for road racing in America has waned somewhat in previous years, a new form has emerged. Off-road racing has announced itself onto the scene, with races popping up all over the country. The Life Time Grand Prix series is the first of its kind, this year consisting of three gravel and three MTB races, as well as an equal split of places and prize money for men and women. 

EF Education-Easypost riders Alex Howes and Lachlan Morton, and EF Education-TIBCO-SVB rider Emily Newsom all lined up as part of their alternative calendar, where lines between the WorldTour and off-road racing are becoming increasingly blurred. With varying approaches to racing and life commitments, this film is an ode to our original Gone Racing films, but with a look to the future of the sport. We send off Alex and Emily whilst documenting the unpredictable trials and unforeseen triumphs of riding this uncharted territory."
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