Campaign Summary
MSR has always been a company of engineers, inventors and unruly dreamers. Larry Penberthy started the company in 1969 on a personal crusade against unsafe climbing equipment. Today, we’re still an intrepid team obsessed with creating the most reliable, high-performance gear possible. Whether it’s defying the status quo in equipment design, setting a world record, or radically shifting the social mindset, we believe the greatest innovations—and explorations—are inspired by the world’s unruly dreamers.

Brendan Davis and I were contracted to craft the launch and recap videos surrounding the campaign. MSR's story was told through a blend archival content and generations of products captured in a studio environment. Innovation and modernity was infused through the design and laser cutting of the campaign logo, slowly revealed throughout the introductory piece.

The campaign's final piece was woven together through submissions of MSR friends and fans, embodying the unruly dreamer spirit and excitement for adventure. This piece stands as a milestone of 50 years while providing inspiration for the future.

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