In the moment, it’s a bit hard to remember the things I’ve seen.
Before the sun crests, sweat leaves the brow and we’re lost in it all. As the light rolls out beyond the horizon a fire burns inside for what the landscape might bring. From the fears I face to the depths we dive as desire propels us into the edge of endurance. Endurance.
What we crave is never what we get and the only way to make sense of it all is to find calm in the grand skies above.
From the mornings frost, glinting in the sun and succumbing to its warmth. From the kind eyes that surround us, graciously supporting. For if we all take a moment to reflect, there’s been some beauty in this madness, right?
What a way to live, to drop in to many peoples shoes, for many miles at a time. Embrace their joy, feel their sorrows, leave my comfort zone as I follow into new terrain.
From what I can make of it, to learn we must listen, to grow we must fear, to remember we must reflect and to thrive we must dream. I must dream.
Dream wild and prepare for the roundabout ways to get there. It takes a few more no’s than yes’s, and this finish line might only be the first of many, but a path is there. How easy it is to lose sight at times, though it’s not until I stop to look back that I get a sense of how incredible it’s all been. Only a few more finish lines to go.

Many thanks to many friends, mentors, clients, brands and agencies. 

Shot, edited, written and narrated by me. 
Music: Muted, Spongy Hammer (Courtesy of Artlist) 
Cable Cam & Aerials: Dual-Op with Joey Schusler

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