Wildly steep climbs and endless miles of perfect pavement: this must be the place.

In preparation for a new wide-range drivetrain launch with SRAM, Jamie Kripke and I traveled to Taiwan with Kate Powlison, SRAM Road Marketing Manager, to experience the culture of steep adventurous riding right outside the city in which SRAM manufactures their components. 

In the jungles above Tai Chung, the city fades away with steep contrast while the adventures prove steeper. Capturing the experiences of three groups, the locals, the expat and the bike industry veteran, these profiles are woven into one visceral piece set to break the norms of road cycling media.

Director: Jamie Kripke
DP: Thomas Woodson
Editor: Kirk Horton, Little Bear Creative
Color: Jamie Kripke
Music: Jon Natchez
Mix: Kyle Richardson
Production: Kate Powlison, SRAM


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