A conceptual exploration of the shared feelings between music and mountains — Tempo II. Movements in Jungle is set in the world's largest urban jungle, exploring styles of Brazilian drumming and trail running.
Tempo began as a documentary process and exploration of Kyle's love of the niche sport of scrambling. Through hours running trails together, we discovered similarities in the feelings and communication conveyed through both musical improvisation and movement in the hills.
The piece was a fully collaborative process. Capturing the scrambling, interpreting the movements in a live score, then editing the piece to the score. In the end, Kyle finishes what Thomas started, perfecting the audio mix of his overall performance.
Tempo II seeks to build upon the Boulder performance, as Kyle travels to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to follow local runner and drummer, Odin, through his home hills and musical ensembles—learning the landscape and local flavor along the way.

About Odin
Odin is a mountain runner living in the vibrant Santa Teresa neighborhood. His daily runs blur the lines of urban and jungle, while his creativity blurs the lines of music and movement.

About Kyle
Kyle lives in Boulder, Colorado where he takes full advantage of the local terrain. Best known for moving light and fast in the mountains and for huge link ups, he draws his inspiration from the landscape and uses this to push himself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

2022 Banff Mountain Film Festival – Best Mountain Sports Film, Wold Tour Selection
2022 Kendal Mountain Festival – Best Short Film
2023-24 VIMFF – World Tour Selection
2023 Wasatch Mountain Film – Official Selection
2023 5Point Film Festival – Official Selection
2023 Torelló Mountain Film Festival – Official Selection

Presented by: 

Thomas Woodson 


Odin Aguiar, Kyle Richardson 

Thomas Woodson, Joey Schusler 

Thomas Woodson 


Sound Mix: 
Kyle Richardson 

Additional Musicians: 
Patrícia de Oliveira de Paula (Surdo), Romulo Oliveira Cardoso (Caixa) 

Artist Scene: 
Nelson Crisóstomo 

Special Thanks: 
Chris Parker, Adam Peters, Joe Grant, Brendan Davis, Travis Rummel, Ben Knight, Ben Sturgulewski, Karl Thompson, Abby Levene, Jenna Gann, Kathryn Fluehr, Humberto Luciola, Adriana Aguiar

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