Premiering Online Spring 2023

A conceptual exploration of the shared feelings between music and mountains — Tempo II. Movements in Jungle is set in the world's largest urban jungle, exploring styles of Brazilian drumming and trail running. 

2022 Banff Mountain Film Festival – Best Mountain Sports Film
2022/3 Banff Mountain World Tour – Official Selection
2022 Kendal Mountain Festival – Best short

Presented by: 
Black Diamond Equipment 

Thomas Woodson 

Kyle Richardson 

Odin Aguiar, Kyle Richardson 

Thomas Woodson, Joey Schusler 

Thomas Woodson 

Wylie Kaupas 

Sound Mix: 
Kyle Richardson 

Additional Musicians: 
Patrícia de Oliveira de Paula (Surdo), Romulo Oliveira Cardoso (Caixa) 

Artist Scene: 
Nelson Crisóstomo 

Special Thanks: 
Chris Parker, Adam Peters, Joe Grant, Brendan Davis, Travis Rummel, Ben Knight, Ben Sturgulewski, Karl Thompson, Abby Levene, Jenna Gann, Kathryn Fluehr, Humberto Luciola, Adriana Aguiar

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