It took time to make time.

From the first alloy mule, to the final product you see today, the 160E is over five years in the making. The 160E is the brainchild of Stretch and our entire Engineering and Product teams; and Jared Graves. Olympian and two time world champion - a sommelier of bikes.

Creating a new bike from scratch is a long, arduous process. But one done out of our commitment to racing and development.

Taking time to Make time

A Yeti Cycles Film

Joey Schusler 
Good Fortune Collective

Concept, Writing & Art Direction
Good Fortune Collective

Garrett Davis
Kyle Rajaniemi

Peter Zawistowski
Jared Graves
Jubal Davis
Damion Smith
Dave Ziegman
Richie Rude
Shawn Neer
Kasper Woolley
Shaun Hughes
Patrick Russell
Leah Vanderlinden
Mark Hild

Joey Schusler
Thomas Woodson

David Peacock

Shoot Logistics
Kyle Rajaniemi
Kayla Parker

Motion Design / VFX
Good Fortune Collective

Color Grading
Dylan Hageman

On Location Stills
Ben Page

Sound Design Mix
Keith White Audio

Album: Midnight Lullaby
“Who We Are”
Chad Lawson
Album: This is life
“To Crown Misery”
How Great Were the Robins
Album: As you Flourish
“Drought & Storm
David A Molina
Album: Wonderous Love EP
by Cathedral
Album: Sound Studies – Vol. 1 Seasons
“Cracking Up In Here”
By Richard Mead
Courtesy of Extreme Music

Shot on location 
Loudenvielle France
Crans-Montana Switzerland
Golden, Colorado
Evergreen, Colorado
Boulder, Colorado
Denver, Colorado

Special Thanks to 
Enduro World Series
Gold Hill General Store
Cross Fit Golden
Ryan Thornberry
Patrick Russell
Dacre Dunn
Gus Aramayo
Chris Conroy
Steve Hoogendoorn
Racing fans
The Yeti Roots
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